There’s a lot of opinions about local transport.

Shouldn’t some of them be from locals?

The Queensland Government has just released a report on transport for the southern Gold Coast. You can find more detail and the report here.

The decisions made are critical to the connecting and revitalising our village lifestyle in the southern Gold Coast.

It’s important to have your say. Take two minutes to have a say and I’ll make sure the government hears your opinion. If you’re have trouble using the form below, click here.

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Why is this report important?

We need to ensure that the choices we make today, don’t close off opportunities for tomorrow – and that is why I think it is important for our community to have it’s say on the Multi Modal Transport study.

Some people will come to this issue looking for a fight, saying you have to be “for” or “against” light rail, and yelling at the other side. I think this issue deserves better. There are important decisions to be made, and we need to work them through properly.

The study outlines a lot of big and exciting ideas, but those big ideas come with big decisions, including on the future of light rail on the southern Gold Coast. 

I think that light rail has a place in our transport puzzle, but only if we can be assured that:

  • It is as well as, not instead of, heavy rail – heavy rail to the airport must happen, but it is going to take time
  • Is not used as an excuse for bad development (like Palm Beach) – and it does not have to be
  • Improves and nourishes our villages – not destroy or ruin them. That’s why things like the ocean way, cycle ways, the Burleigh land bridge and creating boulevards are really important.
  • Learns the lesson from the first 2 stages – about construction and about the impact that construction has on local business and residents.
  • The community understands and wants it.

There are some exciting opportunities included in this report, but we need to make sure the focus is on what benefits us and our beautiful environment, not any outside interests.

So please, have your say above!

About Me

My name is Kaylee Campradt and I am running as the Labor candidate in the state by-election on March 28. I am a local born and bred.

I grew up and have lived most of my life locally in Currumbin. Having attended Palm Beach Currumbin State High School, I still live in Currumbin with my husband Troy and my two children Indie and Tom.

I was recently the president of Parents and Citizen’s Association (P&C) Queensland – the state’s peak parenting body for the parents of state school students. I was also a board member of the Queensland College of Teachers.

 If you’d like to learn more about me before the March 28 election, you can find out more here.